Asset Management

Update hardware and software information every day to maintain an accurate environment without the hassle of management tasks.

Hardware Management

Automatically collect over 50 types of hardware information, such as computer name and IP address, as well as optionally set registry data. Optionally record and manage printers and other peripheral devices.

Also, it is possible to check necessary information by searching with a variety of conditions.

Software Management

-Classify permitted and forbidden apps and manage information such as how many machines each app is installed on and their product keys.

-Visualize the status of Windows program updates and security patch applications. Easily determine which PCs do not have them installed, and update them all at once.


Operation Log Management

By managing PC operations logs, it is possible to improve security and find problems in emergencies, without reducing operational efficiency.

Operation Log Management

Record “who” did “what” “when” at “which PC”. If some operational violation that could be an information leak occurs,such as writing a customer list to a USB, a warning is displayed to the user, and the illicit operation is prevented.

Print Log Management

Record “who” printed “how many pages” of “what” “when” at “which PC”. Discover wasteful printing and reduce costs. If particular files are printed, a warning is displayed to the user and illicit printing is prevented.

App Usage Management

Record “who” used “which app” “when” at “which PC”. See how many instances of each app are running on PCs and for how long. Reduce wasteful license costs by allotting the ideal number of licenses.

App Prohibition

Prohibit launching illicit apps or apps unrelated to work. If a particular app is launched, a warning is displayed to the user and apps


Web Access Management

Monitor web site use, and limit access to illicit sites.

Web Access Management/Control

Record “who” views “which web site” “when” on “which computer”. If an illicit web site is viewed, it is possible to display an alarm or block access. Also, it is possible to limit uploads and downloads and record what information is posted to the web in Internet Explorer.

White List

Designate keywords to only allow access to specific web sites. Create an environment where only web sites necessary for work, such as groupware and cloud services, can be accessed.


Device Control

Control use of devices such as USBs and CDs, and prevent the leaking of important secret information.

Set usage limits for each terminal

Control or forbid the use of CDs, DVDs, USBs, etc. by type. Also, flexible settings allow each PC to be set to disable reading and writing, disable only writing, etc.

Set USB permissions

Designate device names (nicknames), manufacturer numbers (serial numbers), or only allow company-issued devices and forbid the use and connection of other devices.



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